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An idol of Bramha

Meditation and Homam

Mother Divine is a temple of nature worship. We worship Mother Mary Pagan, Goddess Gaia and Goddess VanaDurga through meditation and homam. We do not idol worship.

We offer Wildflowers to Her and conserve the natural genome of the flowers. We also offer chrysanthemums to Her. Chrysanthemums help remove air pollution and keeps toxins and particulates away. We also do ecological restoration of Wildflower habitats.

Let's Meditate

We meet online everyday at 7.00 AM CST to meditate, join us on hangouts.

We use the Kundalini meditation specially adapted for nature worship with dynamic fractal yantras and music. The meditation can be learnt and the duration of the course is three weeks. Please use the appointments section of the site.

We meet at 7.00 PM online on Hangouts for Homam everyday. We group chant hyms to worship the Sun, Moon, Elements, Forests, Rivers, Mountains, The Aurora Borealis and the ion rivers.

Science and Neptune

Our meditation is scientifically taught and monitored using the Muse HeadSet. Our meditation was researched at Maharishi University Of Management.

We use a combination of advanced beyond genomic sciences and spirituality to conserve the natural genome of wildflowers and chrysanthemums.

We use computer modeling to help plan our ecological restoration activities.

Mother Divine is a technologicaly advanced organisation. We use animated chatbots to create an e-priest to help in the Homams. We also are developing chatbots to interact and respond to spiritual queries through our website.


Natural Law is the essential aspect of this interconnected biosphere of the blue planet Earth. We meditate on this and fire worship in Vedic hymn chanting, called a Homam. Join us in these events everyday.

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We are in the process of building an open air temple and will keep you posted of the progress. You are welcome to join us online for meditation and homam.

Mother Divine

2417 Springdale rd, Apt 8D, Waukesha, WI 53186, US